Friday, March 31, 2006

(repost) Depending on the kindness of Strangers? Is that even legal?

(Until I post something new, here's a repost from my previous blog site...)

I was walking today and came across the following sign:


30 GB in black wearing a DLO Action Jacket

iPod was lost near 40 E. Taylor Run Pkwy; missing since 2/7/2006

Music ranging from Andrew Thompson to Weclef

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this ipod please contact Leann at 703-283-6303


The sign was printed with the iPod graphic showing Bono
crooning a lament for Leann that must surely be "Whose gonna listen to your Wild Horses".

I wonder how much more exciting the Wyclef must be with the addition of the DLO Action Jacket. Is it the same level of improvement that one gains from the GI Joe WITH the Kung Fu Grip? Does the Action Jacket also have a Kung Fu Grip option?

I wonder if the person or persons who have poor little iPod are keeping the Action Jacket on, seeing as how the blustery days of spring are here in VA. If iPod catches a cold, would that be covered under the warantee?

What reward would make it worth one's time to return iPod? another iPod? WWBD? (What Would Bono Do?)

I was struck first by the futility of the action, but then I wondered how nice it must be to have that much faith in humanity.

Or is it just depressing how little faith in the same I must have to think this action so futile?

Just in case I'm wrong, I've posted my own sign:


Brown Wallet wearing DLO Action Jacket:

containing $200.00 and several credit cards with high limits and low balances!

lost nearby


call Mozo 616-555-1762